Ron Patel

Ron Patel has been in the Logistics and Procurement industry the last 12 years as President of Shadon Global Inc.   During that period he has procured over 10,000 different products and has serviced the needs of the some of the largest US and Canadian Military Prime Vendors.  His focus has been in worldwide sourcing capabilities, purchasing and consolidation.  In the last few years Ron has been working with the Canadian and US product landscapes; including successfully taking a product to The Shopping Channel as well as retail outlets in both countries. Recently with RM Fresh Brands, he has become a member of the Canadian Health Food Association and developed alliances with hundreds of distribution, manufacturing and retail needs – dependent of landscape.

His biggest skill set has been the ability to develop key relationships to better position products, purchase and distribute products worldwide and concentrating on the North American marketplace. Ron’s mission has always been helping his clients profitability satisfy market demand while reducing costs and maximizing service.

Mirwan Ferris
Brand Broker

Mirwan has been in the retail business since the age of 19. He owned and operated Healthy’s Nutrition,  a very successful 9 store retail chain, for over 25 years.  During this period, he formulated his own liquid cleanse product.   In 2006, he sold Healthy’s Nutrition and purchased a well known brokerage firm, Excel Marketing. He later changed the name to Ex-L Brand Management Inc, which represented and distributed brands like ZICO Coconut Water, Hugo Naturals and many other popular brands.  In 2011, Mirwan successfully sold Ex-L Brand Management, and started a new brokerage firm, Ferris Brand Management.

Mirwan has the skills, experience, and knowledge of the Canadian retail market and its distribution network. Mirwan knows a winner when he sees one. He manages key clients across Canada and he continues to maintain strong personal and business relationship with all major banners.